Winter Sun Holiday Destinations around the World

There is no reason why you should confine your holidays to the summer months. We have highlighted some of the top Winter Sun destinations around the world that you can visit practically all year round and enjoy warm weather. Whatever your taste in holiday breaks, from trips to Tenerife or adventures in Thailand, Winter Sun is only a flight away.

Cape Verde undiscovered Destination

Just recently becoming popular is Cape Verde situated off the Western Coast of Africa. Due to the recent increase in commercial flights making direct trips to the area, this is becoming an excellent Winter Sun destination. The area consists of 10 islands with a mix of cultures, all with amazing scenery, unspoilt beaches and green hilly landsapes for the more adventurous to explore.

Tenerife Los Cristianos Artificial Sandy Beaches

Tenerife Beach Los Cristianos

Caribbean Island Dominica

The island in the caribbean Dominica is a very much unspoilt destination to get some winter sunny weather. This island is worth viewing to sample the natural sights of its volcanoes, jungle landscapes and the opportunity for good diving and snorkelling.

Tenerife popular Winter Canary Island

Tenerife one of the most popular of the Canary Islands has something for everyone, from young to old, man, woman or child. Explore, find your favorite beach, a quiet cove or the perfect snorkeling spot. Tenerife has become the holiday maker's dream, boasting beautiful scenery, secluded beaches and the weather and climate all year round to enjoy it fully. If you have yet to visit the Canary island of Tenerife, make your travel plans now. As well as the beautiful scenery Tenerife has a lively nightlife in main resort areas such as Playa de las Americas, with its many night clubs and bars. Los Cristianos, originally a fishing village in Tenerife has a wide variety of restaurants and pubs to choose from and enjoy.

Discover La Palma in the Canaries

Like Tenerife, La Palma is one of the Spanish Canary islands, but with a difference. La Palma is the least developed of all the Canaries, therefore as well as offering excellent Winter Sun opportunities it is very much unspoilt by tourism. This makes for amazing views of unspoilt forest areas, volcanic black sandy beaches and local culture. With no direct flights you can either take the ferry from Tenerife to La Palma or fly from Madrid airport to the island.

Thailand Winter Trip

Travelling around Thailand is so simple and there is literally too much to see during only one holiday, that you will want to return again and again. Thailand is visited most in the winter months by tourists, from around November through till March. Around April is the start of the hottest weather in Thailand (which can be too hot for tourists to the area) and the monsoon season starts in June, making Thailand an excellent Winter Sun destination. With so many ways to discover Thailand on Holiday from elephant riding through to the Bankok nightlife you will definately enjoy this Asian travel holiday area.

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