The Beauty and Wonder of Travelling in Thailand

Look out across the mists and gaze back into the history of a land and people that dates to the 1200s. A land balanced on the edge of history yet embracing all technology has to offer, this is Thailand. The land of the emerald Buddha dating to 15th century; and home to the floating market, a chaotic stop on the tourist trail that is colorful, noisy and fascinating to behold.

Bankok famous for its Nightlife and Spectacular Hotels

Of course like any city, there are multiple facets and secrets to uncover, from fascinating museums to a nightlife that rivals any club in Los Angeles or New York. While Bangkok holds a sample of all Thailand has to offer with its markets and museums, you don't want to limit your trip to only the city. There is the Thonburi region, resting gently on the west bank of the Thonburi River, famous for the Taksin monument and statue of king Taksin. The royal barge museum with its vast collection of boats and the king's personal "Golden Swan" barge is a sight to behold.

See the amazing beauty of the unspoilt white sandy beaches of Thailand.

Thailand Beach and Long Tail Boats

The friendly people of Thailand make the Holiday

There is so much to see in Thailand and travelling around is so easy; it's an adventure you'll enjoy and remember for a lifetime. The problems you'll have will be small, and you can ask the friendly and helpful Thai natives who almost always speak a bit of English and will respond with a smile and a gesture of direction. Certainly maps are wonderful, but communication with the locals is fun, easy and they'll respond in kind.

The Thai locals will says "Wai Prah" the traditional Thai greeting of welcome and farewell, where the two hands are brought together toward the chin with the head tipped slightly forward.

Thailand Vacation Activities and the Attractions of Asia

There are the exotic beaches of the Rayong province, national parks where you'll find elephant rides, diving and snorkeling. Northern Thailand with historical temples reaching back into a time when the world was a much different place; you'll find caves and cliffs, waterfalls and wildlife. Thailand is a glittering jewel in Asia; a travel destination everyone should visit at least once.

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