Views from the top of Ibiza D'Alt Villa

Explore the history of Eivissa with a visit to Ibiza Old Town

D’Alt Villa actually means the ‘High Town’ and as you descend through the narrow and winding streets you can find out why. At each level of your descent you can find beautiful views of Ibiza harbour greeting you.

Excellent views over Ibiza Harbour from the top of D'Alt Villa

Ibiza Harbour view from D'Alt Villa

Ibiza Museum
Find out Ibiza's history in the Ibiza Old Town museum.
Ibiza Fortress
still displays cannon battlements.
Ibiza Harbour Views
From D'Alt Villa fortress Ibiza Old Town the views over Eivissa harbour are amazing.
Ibiza Marina
Relax in a cafe by Ibiza marina where many Eivissa visitors moor their yaghts.

D'Alt Villa Cannon aimed out to sea on Ibiza Old Town battlements

Cannon placements over Ibiza Harbour

A visit to Eivissa is not complete with making the climb to the top of D'Alt Villa and enjoying the amazing views across Ibiza harbour. As you ascend the walled city you will see cannons pointed out to sea that are still present for tourists to view. There are many amazing views from all sides of D'Alt Villa fortress as you work your way upwards and around the fortified city. As you climb higher you can look out over Ibiza Marina and harbour areas right across the bay. D'Alt Villa is a world heritage site and the only fortified city in Europe that still remains totally intact.

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