Ibiza Old Town Castle Fortress D'Alt Villa

Amazing Harbour views greet you at the top of D'Alt Villa

D’Alt Villa, the fortress, literally towers above the town of Ibiza known as Eivissa. From the top of the fortress you can soak in magnificent views of the harbour below. The scenic splendour and the historical significance of the place draws millions of tourists from around the world each year.

Ibiza history and culture abounds at Da'Alt Villa Ibiza Town

D'Alt Villa Castle Views

You can also find a well stocked museum and a Church if you were to look around at D’Alt Villa. The archaeological museum here has a splendid collection of things from the Carthaginian era. One of the things that give D'Alt Villa and Ibiza Old Town its charm is the quaint narrow streets. The homes here are unique with their pretty creepers and beautiful potted plants. You can find them literally in almost every building in the town. There are a number of elegantly decorated restaurants and bars as you descend from the fortress. Although these bars and restaurants can appear to be quite sober during the days, come nightfall and they come alive. From candle lit dinners to live music you can find them all in D’Alt Villa’s throbbing nightlife.

D'Alt Villa Fortress
offers the most amazing views over the sea & harbour.
Ibiza Town
Bars & Cafes
come alive as the sun goes down.
Ibiza Castle
Explore the many winding cobbled streets as you work your way to the top.
Ibiza Restaurants
Quaint cafes & bars greet you as you work your way down from D'Alt Villa.

View of Ibiza Town from D'Alt Villa

Old Ibiza Town encapsulates the culture of this Balearic Island

Visitors can also explore the unique culture and history of D'Alt Villa during the descent from the top of the fortress. You can find black clad Ibicencos people going about their work in a leisurely manner along the streets. The streets are full of houses which are the perfect symbols of Gothic Catalan architecture and décor. It is as if time has stood still all these years in Ibiza Old Town. From spacious stone courtyards to graceful staircases and sturdy wooden doors, the streets are steeped in history. Numerous gift shops and art galleries dot Ibiza Old Town. The gift shops are virtual treasure troves. They are the best places to purchase local crafts when visiting Ibiza. To get a feel for the area view our Ibiza D'alt Villa Pictures and other Ibiza photos.

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