Ibiza Old Town Culture & History

D'Alt Villa fortress Ibiza Old Town tourist attraction

As well as small interesting cafes, bars and resaurants dotted throughout Ibiza Old Town as you descend from D'Alt Villa there is much history to absorb in Ibiza. When you start your journey exploring D'Alt Villa there are many views and historical attractions that it is worth keeping an eye out for. The views of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows from the top are spectacular. You can also spot the statue of the famous General Joaquin Vara de Rey from the top. The descent through the narrow and cobbled streets of Ibiza old town is an experience by itself. One cannot but admire the dramatic main entrance to D'Alt Villa. The entire place is majestic with its mighty statues.

Steep steps lead down from the top of D'Alt Villa to Ibiza Town

The steep steps leading from D'Alt Villa

D'Alt Villa Cathedral
Visit the cathedral and admire the buildings beauty.
D'Alt Villa steps
descend steeply towards Ibiza town.
Ibiza Fortress
is a historical heritage site and has remained standing for hundreds of years.
Holiday makers
should make sure to spend at least a day exploring the streets of D'Alt Villa Ibiza.

Ibiza Old Town raises up from Eivissa with its Cathedral and fortress

Cathedral & D'Alt Villa view

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